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Stringo Vehicle Movers

Specialist Vehicle Moving Equipment

Stringo is the world leader in the manufacturing of car moving tools.     With over 20 years of industry knowledge, skills and expertise Stringo has created the world best tool for moving cars efficiently, simply and safely.  

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8 Reasons to Buy a Stringo

  1. Ergonomics – Stringo car movers replace the need for unsafe manual moving of cars
  2. Environment - Stringo works quietly, efficiently and powerfully without unnecessarily emitting any harmful substances. Cars can be moved without their engine running, thus protecting the environment
  3. Safety – Stringo car movers are indispensable where employee safety is paramount, it minimises the risk of workplace accidents occurring
  4. Return on Investment – Stringo does the work of four people, an investment that pays for itself in under a year
  5. Simplicity – Stringo allows a single person to move cars in seconds
  6. Quality – all Stringo units are manufactured to meet the most stringent
  7. Customisation – Stringo solutions can be adapted to meet any specific purpose
  8. Experience - With over 20 years of industry knowledge, skills and expertise Stringo has created the world best tool for moving cars efficiently, simply and safely

Stringo S2 

Stringo S2

  The Stringo S2 is a small format car mover suitable for smaller workshops, car museums, car traders, private car collections and similar businesses requiring few, short movements of lighter vehicles.

  The S2 is approved to move vehicles up to 2,000kg in weight and can manoeuvre vehicles with an axle weight of 1,200kg.

  The S2 has an operating time of approximately 5 hours depending on usage conditions.

  Dual speed controls allow for speeds from 0 – 3km/h and 3 – 6km/h.

  A large inspection hatch allows for easy maintenance and repairs to the engine and magnet brake.

  Advanced safety features such as an easy access emergency brake, automatic power shut off when plastic covering is opened and metal reinforcement of the plastic covering to guard against collisions ensure the S2 is safe for operators and pedestrians alike.

Stringo S3


Stringo S3

  The Stringo S3 is approved to move vehicles up to 3,000kg in weight across its standard 4 wheels.

  The S3 has a longer operating time than the S2, due to a higher capacity battery and AC motor.

  Can come equipped with electric or hydraulic linear actuators.

  The S3 has the same easy service option of a large inspection hatch just like the S2.

  It also has the same advanced safety features ensuring operators and pedestrians are safe at all times.


  Stringo S550

Stringo S550

  The Stringo 550 is a heavy duty vehicle mover approved to move vehicles up to 5,000kg in weight.

  The 550 can come equipped with an optional ride on platform with power-steering as an alternative to the pedestrian model like the smaller S2 and S3 models.

  Unit has approximately 6 hours operating/charging time and is best utilised for frequent or long vehicle movements.



  • Move vehicles from 2,000kg to 5,000kg
  • Long operating hours
  • Easy servicing with large inspection hatches on all models
  • Advanced safety features such as easy access emergency brakes and automatic power shut
  • off ensures Stringo movers are safe for operators and pedestrians alike.

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Stringo Vehicle Movers

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