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AC Cargo Tractor

The new Charlatte model, CT5E Cargo Tractor is a self propelled battery powered electric support vehicle designed to tow a variety of material handling carts and dollies. The CT5E has been designed for those operations where a rear seating configuration is preferable such as often found in cargo operations.  The steering axle location in front of the operator gives the vehicle a more familiar “automobile” feel when driving.  The weight distribution also gives the unit a smoother ride and increased traction in difficult weather conditions.

The rear seating configuration provides easier access to the hitch.  Power for the main drive is supplied by a 22 kw hi-torque AC motor which is coupled directly to the rear axle.  The unit has excellent visibility and has a maximum speed of 32 km/h when empty.  Drawbar capacity is 2267 kg.


  • Rugged design.
  • Highly manoeuvrable - 125" turning radius.
  • Hi-torque low maintenance AC drive motor which gives the unit superior towing ability.
  • Power steering by hydraulic accumulator provides quiet operation.
  • Power braking system.
  • Excellent visibility.


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