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E30–40HSD Series

3 Wheel Electric Forklift - Stand-Up

From dock to stock and anywhere in between, the Hyster E30-40HSD2 series 3 wheel electric forklift is your versatile materials handling forklift truck offering superior ergonomics and increased productivity.

These three wheel stand-up lift trucks are primarily intended for use on the dock for loading and unloading trailers, including some stocking and transport use. They are ideal for retail distribution, food manufacturing and processing, general warehousing and manufacturing, storage, plastic products, and freight transportation.


  • The CANbus (Controller Area Network) electrical system reduces downtime and simplifies on-board diagnostics via standard premium dash display.
  • On-demand hydrostatic power steer system affords precise control with minimal steering effort, while the dual steer wheel assemblies provide 180 degrees of total steer angle for superb maneuverability.
  • Easy lift-off panels provide quick access to lift pump, drive motors, electronics, power steering pump and motor for easy maintenance.
  • Operator controls are positioned to allow either a side stance or a 45-degree stance for maximum efficiency, visibility and custom comfort.
  • The floor is suspended on polymer arches to reduce vibration & shock transmitted to the operator. Impact from driving over dock boards and uneven floor surfaces is reduced.
  • The use of AC motors provides improved acceleration and performance on grades, while the precision load positioning on incline capability allows operators precise control of truck hydraulic functions while on an incline, reducing the likelihood of unintended product damage.
  • Multifunction Control Handle affords simultaneous operation of lift/lower, horn, travel direction, speed and one auxiliary function for enhanced productivity.


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E30–40HSD Series

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