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R1.4–2.5 Series

Reach Trucks

The Hyster Matrix reach truck contributes to the best warehouse space utilisation and warehouse throughput. Versatile and manoeuvrable, these trucks are perfect for putting away or retrieving pallets at height, in narrow aisles.

Powerful AC technology on traction, pump and steer motor delivers superior performance and fast turnaround. The ergonomically designed, raised operator position and advanced mast design maximise visibility when load handling, contributing to faster cycle times and superb operator productivity.

For more intensive applications, Hyster offers reach trucks with a heavy duty mast. The R1.6HD and R2.0HD series, with excellent residual capacity, can stock pallets up to 12 m high.



  • Durable frame and mast construction allows smooth, stable operation when handling heavy loads.
  • High travel and acceleration speeds, with seamless direction changes, deliver faster cycle times.
  • 180° and 360° progressive steering provides superb narrow aisle manoeuvrability.
  • Spacious driver compartment, with a fully adjustable seat, allows generous leg and head room for operator comfort.
  • On board diagnostic display for early warning of maintenance requirements.

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R1.4–2.5 Series

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R1.4 R1.4H R1.6 R1.6H R1.6N R2.0 R2.0H R2.0W R2.5
Load Capacity (kg) 1,400 1,400 1,600 1,600 1,600 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,500
Lift Height (mm) 6,880 8,720 6,880 9,180 8,720 6,430 11,430 11,430 11,430
Battery Capacity (V / Ah) 48 / 375 - 800 48 / 375 - 800 48 / 375 - 800 48 / 375 - 80048 / 375 - 64048 / 500 - 96048 / 625 - 96048 / 625 - 96048 / 625 - 960

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