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Liftsmart LS10-12 Series

Straddle Leg Stacker

The Liftsmart LS straddle leg stacker series offers an advanced design and features, including a strong and durable frame, extended battery life and comfortable operation. With a lifting capacity of 1,000kg – 1,200kg and a maximum fork height of 3.5m, the Liftsmart LS Series provides an efficient solution for stacking operations in confined work areas.



  • 1000Kg Light duty Straddle Leg Electric Stacker
  • LS10-12 Mast Options:
    • Option H&H: Forklift profile steel mast
    • Option H&C: Forklift profile steel mast & C Profile
    • Option C&C: C Profile steel mast
  • Liftsmart supporting leg design features an embedded steel beam, providing further strength and durability
  • Curtis 1212 Driving Controller can be regulated by the hand set easily
  • 120Ah battery offers longer running time
  • The handle is light and easy to manoeuvre, making operating the machine effortless
  • The mast height when forks are lowered is less than 2m high, making it suitable for most doorways


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Liftsmart LS10-12 Series

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