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E2.2–3.5XN Series

Electric Forklifts: 2.2-3.5 Tonnes

Four wheel, electric counterbalance forklift with solid tyres.

The new E2.2-3.5XN series electric forklift has been specifically designed for indoor use, with a compact design and cushion tyres and is ideally suited to a wide variety of applications, including Print, Paper & Packaging, Food & Beverage Production, Manufacturing and Transport & Distribution.

With high-performance AC motors and a choice of models and configurations on offer, these trucks can deliver the best combination of operational efficiency, productivity, reliability, driver comfort and manoeuvrability to suit specific application needs.


  • Reliable and efficient AC traction and hoist motors and controllers, with advanced thermal management system, deliver increased performance on travel and lift speeds
  • Compact dimensions, high visibility masts and tight turning circles result in higher driver productivity especially in aisles or congested loading bays or typical assembly line-feed applications
  • Customizable performance settings and efficient systems help extend shift life and reduce battery change requirements. (Side battery extraction is available as an option)
  • A new ergonomically designed operator compartment provides a comfortable and highly productive operating environment for the driver
  • Generous leg room, three point entry, easy on/off access
  • Fully adjustable Full suspension seat, E-hydraulic armrest and mini lever controls for handling ease
  • Rear grab handle with integrated horn, for frequent reverse driving
  • New drive axle with power assisted brakes and a steer axle featuring HSM (Hyster Stability Mechanism) gives the operator confidence and increases productivity
  • The electrical system features a CANbus communication network with Hall Effect sensors and is managed by the Pacesetter VSM (Vehicle System Manager) that continuously monitors truck operation and protect key components
  • Strong chassis and mast construction and reliable, long-lasting components deliver excellent durability and stability
  • Easy unrestricted service access with on-board diagnostics and a standard 1000hr service interval


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E2.2–3.5XN Series

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E2.2XN E2.5XN E3.0XN E3.2XN E3.5XN
Load Capacity (kg) 2,200 2,500 3,000 3,200 3,500
Load Centre (mm) 500 500 500 500 500
Lift Height (mm) 6,000 6,000 5,970 5,970 5,970
Turning Radius (mm) (SWB/LWB*) 1735/1757 1757/1884 1915 2074 2074

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