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Hyster and Combilift set to work wonders at Simmonds Lumber

Simmonds Lumber and Adaptalift Hyster have been strong partners for the past 15 years. This partnership is set to be extended as Simmonds Lumber lengthens their rental contract, which includes a Hyster H4.5FT forklift and three Combilift multi-directional forklifts to cover the next 5 years.

Combilift at Simmonds Lumber

Coogee Chemicals Purchases Next Generation Hyster Reach Stacker

Hyster Reach Stacker

Coogee Chemicals recently purchased the next generation Hyster RS45-31CH reach stacker from Adaptalift Hyster. The Hyster reach stacker provides Coogee Chemicals with a highly flexible solution that eliminates the specific issues they had with handling chemicals in the past that required contract crane hire.

Big Trucks are a winner at SteelHaul

Hyster at SteelHaul

As SteelHaul predominantly transport and store heavy materials, they require durable machinery to carry out their daily movement tasks. SteelHaul and Adaptalift Hyster have had a strong relationship for over fifteen years now, with Adaptalift Hyster supplying SteelHaul with the Big Trucks they require for their immense operation.

Hyster & Combilift a winning combination at Gunnersen


Gunnersen is the largest independently owned Australian distributor of wood-based panel products, timber and decorative materials in Australia. In order for the company to satisfy the need of swift movement of products within their warehouse, Gunnersen utilise Adaptalift Hyster machinery for increased productivity. Adaptalift Hyster and Gunnersen share many of the same values in regards to both service and reliability.

Relationships Plus Reliability Equal Results


Transfleet Transport Pty. Ltd. and Adaptalift Hyster share many core values. “Our formula is that relationships plus reliability equal results”, stated Transfleet’s Managing Director, Bill Power and it’s no surprise that they expect no less from their suppliers and subcontractors.

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