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Big Trucks Improving Productivity at Port Melbourne Containers

When Port Melbourne Containers were established in March 2006, they already had the beginnings of a strong and successful relationship with Adaptalift Hyster. Having procured an existing container park that already consisted of a number of Hyster Forklifts, Port Melbourne Containers experienced early on in the relationship the reliability, strength and durability of the Hyster brand. In the hard-working and ambitious company that is Port Melbourne Containers, Hyster Big Trucks have played an important role in the productivity of the business. 


Kerry Grace - Big Truck Specialist, NSW

We’ve been lucky enough to sit down with Kerry Grace, our Big Truck Specialist in New South Wales. Kerry looks after all our big truck customers in NSW and assists them in making the right choice for their particular site applications.

Hyster factory produces record 1,000 Big Trucks in six months


Upon the establishment of the Nijmegen plant in 1952 its aim was to focus primarily on the assembly of conventional IC-powered forklifts. However, in 1959, the introduction of the first Hyster container handling equipment came with a change in direction to focusing increasingly on Big Trucks. Over the years, Nijmegen has pioneered several developments, including the first dedicated empty container handler.