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Adaptalift Hyster Morauders: aka Mo Bros War On Awareness

Movember: Adaptalift Hyster Morauders

Led by their fearless captain, Robin Harris (Vic. Service Support Supervisor) the Adaptalift Hyster Morauders set out on a mission to grow great mo’s for a great cause. Too long has the Mo been bearded away, banished from the public eye. Well not in Movember! Movember is a time where mo’s can be grown free of oppression.

Combilift launches new poultry forklift

Combilift Australia together with their national distributor Adaptalift Hyster have recently released the latest addition to their comprehensive Combilift product range in Australia, the CombiRT.  Combilift best known for its range of space saving 4-way forklifts, has developed a new product designed specifically for the needs of the poultry sector.

Poultry forklift