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Wi-Fi connectivity brings ForkTrackā„¢ to a whole new level

We're proud to announce that ForkTrack™, our world leading Fleet Management & Safety System, now comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. In the ever changing Materials Handling environment, mobile equipment, its uses and performance are critically important to the overall running of a business, and ForkTrack™ now brings that information to the table more than ever before. 

With workplaces investing more and more in IT technologies such as wireless networks, we knew that it made sense to have the valuable information and control services of ForkTrack™ connect directly to the network, eliminating reliance on external networks such as GPRS/GSM and 3G. With minimal local support, ForkTrack™ is able to discover the Wi-Fi network, connect and download critical and historical data at extremely high speed. The information is sent to the ForkTrack server, which is then available for analysis using our leading ForkTrack™ Online Dashboard reporting engine. 

Wi-Fi provides further benefit to event reporting by providing location information, helping to further provide context to incident reports such as impact and overload warnings. 

With its advanced array of active safety measures such as Intelligent Seatbelt Interlocks, Transmission Controls, Engine Vital Monitoring, Impact Monitoring, Integrated Digital Weight Indicator and many many more, ForkTrack™ is forging ahead as the only true pro-active mobile equipment safety device on offer anywhere in the world. 

For more information on ForkTrack, visit our website or contact us to request a brochure.

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