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Upgrade in Management Systems at Adaptalift Hyster

Adaptalift Hyster New Management System

At Adaptalift Hyster we’re excited to announce an upgrade to our business management systems. The new system will utilise market-leading software to run a fully integrated solution for our hire, rental, and fleet management services, providing significant benefits to our customers. The implementation of this new system will allow for increased efficiency in a number of areas including servicing and account management. Staff will now be able to see the current status of orders by viewing shipping information, pre-delivery requirements, and track job progress and work performed. This information can be shared with customers in a timely fashion and therefore communication channels will become more transparent.

This system will allow for advanced servicing as improved efficiencies around scheduling and response times will be evident from the changeover. The new system will also aid in increasing our abilities around parts handling and distribution. Each technician will receive new mobile hardware, empowering them with diagnostic tools and immediate parts research and look up ability. Technicians will also have clear visibility of current, future and historical servicing jobs that will allow for more efficient time management and ultimately less wait time for our customers. Field technician efficiency will increase by ensuring they have the correct parts on hand and service calls are allocated to the most appropriate technician based on location, skill and availability. The system will also aid in minimising equipment breakdowns through the use of the preventative maintenance system.

Feedback from our customers will aid in implementing a new reporting system, which further enhances our ability to provide fleet management data along with detailed reports where required. National customer data will also be centralised further to ensure a national account management approach. This organisation of data will allow for more precise management of accounts and on-time decision making through quick analysis.

Our Account & Area Managers will be equipped with new mobile hardware allowing improved visibility over customer fleet information. This information will be available to action any requests from our customers as this mobile hardware has the benefit of the full range of product information at the fingertips of the sales team. The sales team will have application literature, case studies and videos available for customers to view on location.

This new business management system is currently in test mode and we aim to be fully operational prior to the end of this year. This major investment will provide our customers with many beneficial outcomes, from timely servicing needs to national account management benefits. We look forward to the integration of this system nationally throughout the company and we are excited about the customer service benefits associated with the new management system.

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