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The Australian Wheat Board Elevates Their Supply Chain with Adapt-A-Lift

Adapt-A-Lift has successfully negotiated a forklift fleet management agreement with Landmark Rural Services an Australian Wheat Board company. The deal will see AAL replace Landmarks existing forklift fleet with the latest materials handling equipment in over 250 locations throughout Australia. 

landmark fleet

Landmark is the country’s largest distributor of agricultural merchandise and fertilizer and currently employs 2,000 people and services over 100,000 clients. 

Earlier this year, Landmark conducted an extensive evaluation of its forklift fleet, assessing factors such as safety, environment, reliability, running costs, fuel consumption and compliance. Importantly, the role that forklifts play in delivering customer service to Landmark customers was also put under the spotlight. 

The results of the assessment revealed that there was an opportunity to reduce the overall cost of running the forklift fleet, improve safety through technological improvements and elevate customer service standards by having a reliable forklift fleet. 
The company undertook extensive evaluation of products, technology and service and selected Adapt-A-Lift as its supplier based on its specialist fleet management capabilities. 

Adapt-A-Lift will provide a full service fleet management package utilising AAL’s proprietary fleet management system ForkTrack. ForkTrack will improve fleet performance by overseeing the management of product, service and maintenance, registration as well as improving safety and compliance. 

With unparalleled safety features including seat, seatbelt and handbrake interlocks, driver verification, online pre-start checklist, overspeed sensing and improved OH&S for both operators and pedestrians, ForkTrack establishes Landmark as a leader in workplace safety. 

ForkTrack will report on fleet utilisation and performance, as well as improve response times through web based reporting and GSM networking. 

With AAL on board, Landmark will enjoy a level of fleet management seen as the benchmark for the industry. 

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