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Steve Reynolds – Victorian Sales Manager and Big Trucks Specialist


We’ve been lucky enough to get some time with Steve Reynolds, our Victorian Sales Manager and Big Truck Specialist.  As well as managing a successful sales team in Victoria, Steve deals with all their big truck customers, assisting them in making the right choice for their particular applications.

Tell us a bit about your background in the materials handling industry.

I received my forklift licence in 1990 whilst working in the warehouse at Mattel Toys, driving small forks and then moving on to driving turret trucks. Soon after I started working in the retail forklift industry and I haven’t looked back.

How long have you been at Adaptalift Hyster?

I started at Adaptalift Hyster in April 2010, having previously worked for Hyster since 2006.  When I learnt of the acquisition of Hyster business by Adaptalift, I was lucky to be able to come back. The combination of Adaptalift Service and Hyster product is unstoppable!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Learning about all the different specifications of our big truck models. We’ve got so many different models including forklifts, container handlers and reach stackers, with very different specs to suit different applications. It proves to be a bit of a challenge to keep up, but a rewarding one.

How does working with Big Trucks differ to other types of materials handling equipment?

Big truck customers are very knowledgeable of the industry. They have usually been in the industry a while and they’ve done their homework. Our aim is to treat them with the respect they deserve.

What makes Hyster Big Trucks stand out from the competition?

I’d have to say service and parts. The knowledge of all our staff at AALH is fantastic. With the many years of combined industry experience, it is very quick to get answers and respond to customer queries.

Do you have a favorite big truck? If so, why?

The empty container handlers (12 tonne 4 high and 22 tonne 7 high) are both stand outs as they have features that only Hyster can offer. Features like the ‘tyre saving’ drive axle, which is proven to significantly reduce the overall cost of running empty container handling operations and was nominated in both the innovation and environmental categories at the Fork Lift Truck Association Awards for Excellence in 2011, the UK’s most prestigious fork lift truck awards.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give someone who is in the market for a big truck?

Buy a Hyster! Other than that, don’t just talk to the sales person. Try and get in contact with some customers that have big trucks. Drop in and see their workshops and speak to the mechanics. Such a big outlay is not worth the risk of buying from some cowboy offering you the world. A small problem with a big truck can cost your company lots of money and you want to make sure the brand you decide to go with can support your big truck for many years to come and a proven track record is the only way this will happen.

What innovations and advancements in the industry are you most excited about?

Hyster’s tyre saving technology will save you money and help the environment. Everyone wins.

Where do you see the big truck industry 10 years from now?

Ships and containers are constantly growing in size. There is also a big push towards improving the effect that big trucks have on the environment, starting with technologies like our tyre saving technology (XTL axle reduces tyre cost by up to 58%, which is a major saving on operating costs) and our new Tier 4 engines – for all Big Trucks.  In other words, the accountants and environmentalists will both be happy.

If you could sum up Hyster Big Trucks in one word, what would it be?


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