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Rental Remedy Works Well for Global Manufacturing Group

Hyster Forklift put to good use at Global Manufacturing Group

As a customer of Adaptalift Hyster for seven years, Global Manufacturing Group has benefited from rental solutions that suit their vast materials handling needs. Having previously owned forklifts that were unable to cope with the environmental requirements of a challenging and fast-paced industry, GMG looked to Adaptalift Hyster to deliver a variety of upgraded equipment at a competitive price.

Founded in 1982 and based in Queensland, Global Manufacturing Group, have developed into a premier Australian metal manufacturing company. With two sites covering a total of 7000 square metres, GMG have the ability to provide a total turnkey operation with complete in-house control over all facets of the manufacturing process. From customer designs through to the delivery of the finished product, GMG’s aim is to service clients beyond their expectations and deliver consistent quality.
Adaptalift Hyster has been able to assist with GMG’s goal in delivering exceptional products through providing rental equipment and quality service that has enabled the smooth running of their operation. As a business that employs over 100 staff operating on rotating 24-hour rosters, the importance of productivity is high and GMG have found that the efficiency of Adaptalift Hyster hire staff and service technicians has been able to support this. Sonial Nagl, Accounts Manager at GMG stated, “Hire personnel are fantastic to deal with … service technicians are quick, reliable and great.” The rental forklifts themselves have also helped in the productivity of the business. GMG utilises one Combilift C5000, two Hyster H4.0FT6, one H1.8TX and two H2.5TX forklifts, allowing them to safely handle a variety of metal components. With access to continuously serviced and updated machines, GMG has improved safety conditions within the company as well as costs associated with repairs, due to wear and tear of the equipment.

Hyster Forklift working indoors at GMG

The Combilift C5000 highlights the use of effective materials handling equipment to improve upon safety within GMG. This multi-directional forklift is designed to handle long loads in confined areas, operating in aisles as narrow as 2 metres. As GMG’s doorways differ in height and width between work centres, the C5000 provides the perfect solution in handling long metal components with ease from one work centre to another. When asked how the extra manoeuvrability of their rental machines, provided by Adaptalift Hyster, has been an advantage, GMG responded, “It is great to be able to handle a longer scope and variety of work in particular with the use of the Combilift C5000.” The use of the Combilift C5000 within GMG’s application allows them to improve upon both productivity and safety through ensuring the operator no longer struggles to move loads that are unsuitable for the machine to be lifting.

The use of Hyster Fortens H4.0 forklifts provides GMG workers with an ergonomic machine that allows them to work long shifts comfortably. In a business that continues operation 24 hours a day, features such as the innovative operator compartment, are important in allowing operators to work efficiently throughout their shift. GMG employees are able to benefit from easy driver access, excellent all round visibility as well as conveniently located controls. Furthermore, features such as the robust chassis and high strength mast enables easy loading and unloading of metal parts and components to and from trucks through optimising capacity retention at high lifts. The H4.0FT6 forklifts are designed for demanding conditions and are extremely beneficial to Global Manufacturing Group in the movement of their product.

The Hyster H2.5TX and H1.8TX forklifts also provide a number of benefits to GMG. With overhead cranes for materials handling throughout GMG’s factory, it is vital that forklift operators are aware of the mast and load when travelling through these areas. The Hyster Vista Mast assists in avoiding hazards presented by cranes through its wider design, which improves visibility and enables operators to safely carry loads throughout the factory. Another potential hazard counteracted by features within Hyster forklifts is the sloping driveway which GMG operators are required to travel down when loading. The Hyster Stability Mechanism within these forklifts reduces truck sway during turns, which improves lateral stability, allowing operators to be confident on uneven surfaces. Furthermore, the Hydrostatic Steer Axle increases steer angle and control for easy manoeuvring. These machines eliminate hazards and provide the perfect solution to GMG’s application.

Through renting with Adaptalift Hyster, Global Manufacturing Group were able to gain access to the range of forklifts required for the variety of applications within their business. Adaptalift Hyster and Global Manufacturing Group both place emphasis on the quality of their products. This has allowed for an understanding between the two companies that has led to GMG gaining a solution that provides them with modern equipment that assists in the efficient production of quality metal components.

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