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Relationships Plus Reliability Equal Results


Transfleet Transport Pty. Ltd. and Adaptalift Hyster share many core values. “Our formula is that relationships plus reliability equal results”, stated Transfleet’s Managing Director, Bill Power and it’s no surprise that they expect no less from their suppliers and subcontractors.

Hyster Big TRuck at Transfleet

Much like Adaptalift Hyster, Transfleet Transport is a family owned and run Australian business.  They have specialised in transport and warehousing freight for over 25 years. Originally based in Melbourne they expanded their services to include Sydney in 2006 and currently employ over 31 staff as well as managing a substantial amount of sub-contractors. In response to business practices, Bill Power has insisted on remaining “hands-on and totally customer-focused.” This strategy has shaped the company culture and secured the long-term loyalty of its customers.

In the same way as Transfleet, Adaptalift Hyster’s reputation has always been built on total commitment to customer service while providing customers with the most reliable, flexible and cost effective solutions. This coupled with Hyster’s high capacity forklift trucks provide reliability and economic benefits for Transfleet Transport, a company that is greatly dependent on the swift movement of full containers on and off the docks.

Transfleet aims to develop personal customer relationships which enable them to provide an exceptional and specialised service. Their open communication policy results in delivering in full, on-time, every time. As a result of this, Transfleet Transport relies heavily on the durable equipment used for daily conveyance of freight. Transfleet depends on the reliability of Adaptalift Hyster’s big trucks and service as the company “…cannot afford not to keep going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… If the wheels stop turning, you’re not making money”, said Bill. Adaptalift Hyster’s equipment is used by Transfleet for moving full containers on and off the docks and also for storage and unpacking. Bill has rated the reliability of the machinery “100%”.

A user of Hyster equipment for 40 years, Bill admits that Transfleet attempted to try a different supplier in the past, but described it as a “disaster”. The company is heavily dependent on reliability and service. “Our trucks have to be going 24 hours a day and the Hyster’s do that”, declares Bill. With the aid of Hyster’s superior quality and overall reliability, Transfleet’s formula, of superior and reliable customer service can ultimately be achieved.

Hyster Big Truck at Transfleet

The machinery used by Transfleet comprises of 4 big trucks, which includes both the Hyster H40.00XM-12 and H48.00XM-12 models, plus 8 smaller Hyster 4 and 5 tonners. The Hyster H36.00-48.00XM(S)-12 Series of forklifts provide a range of different carriage, fork and front-end attachments (including container spreaders), which suits the needs of Transfleet and the varying sizes of containers that require transference. This range of Hyster forklifts provide class leading lifting speeds and the service time and cost of operation are greatly reduced as Hyster big trucks are installed with an engine shutdown function as well as easy service access. The Hyster “Vista” cab offers the optimum ergonomic environment as it provides comfort as well as excellent and clear visibility of the containers. This series of Hyster forklifts contains the new short wheelbase models which are ideal for applications where operating space is restricted and particularly useful for storage purposes. They also contain a clean running Cummins diesel engine, which has proven to be more economical than previous models.

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