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New Hyster H50CT Forklift. Made to fit your job and your budget.

Adaptalift Hyster introduces the new Hyster H50CT pneumatic tyre forklift. The H50CT is designed to be cost effective and provide the right balance of efficiency, productivity, dependability and durability for a wide variety of moderate materials handling applications.  Manufactured in the United States, the H50CT retains the legendary toughness, reliability and productivity that you’ve come to expect from Hyster, reconfiguring it for commercial applications. And all for a smaller price point.


The H50CT forklift is built with a smart design and solid construction. From sealed electrical connectors to O-ring face seal fittings on the truck chassis and durable transmissions, the H50CT provides users with a no-frills, cost-effective forklift.  This streamlined, easy-to-operate truck features excellent fuel economy and carefully considered ergonomics designed for operator comfort. With a lift capacity of 2500kg, the H50CT strikes a balance between the number of loads it moves and the amount of fuel it uses, utilising 12% less fuel than similar forklifts use on average.

The forklifts are engineered for agility as well. Moving around in tight spaces is easy with an electronically controlled Powershift transmission for smooth direction changes. The optional integral sideshifter allows loads to be optimally positioned, and the responsive electronically controlled inching adjustments give the operator better control of load positioning. The human-friendly design makes operator comfort and adjustability a top priority and includes extra foot space, an adjustable tilting steer column, and increased visibility.

If your application is agricultural, general warehousing and distribution, beverage distribution and bottling, light manufacturing, or retail the H50CT is the forklift for you. These LP Gas powered lift trucks are designed for use in medium duty environments. An optional 2.6L diesel engine is also available.

  • Made to work hard but intelligently - Ideal for single shift or light second shift needs
  • 2500kg @ 600mm LC
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Conforms to Australian ISO safety standards
  • Lighter weight and more efficient engine means lower fuel costs - in a “loads moved per gallon of fuel” comparison, you’ll find a 12% fuel savings.
  • Tough, dependable and reliable, with proven components like sealed electrical connectors, O-ring face seal fittings and a proven durable transmission.
  • Ergonomically designed for operator comfort - from the low step height of 14 in. to the adjustable tilting steer column and non-cinching seatbelt, the operator compartment is designed for maximum comfort and safety helping operator’s productivity.
  • The “cowl-to-counterweight” access and a one-piece floorplate make servicing the H50CT easier

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