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New Hyster 8-16 tonne trucks. An evolution in fuel efficiency and performance.

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Hyster 8th generation 8-16 tonne forklift range. The superior efficiency of these forklifts far outweighs their predecessor. This new range of forklifts allows up to 10% fuel savings, meaning more can be done for less. Other substantial benefits include longer service intervals with up to 50% increase in the time between oil transmission changeovers, increased uptime and reduced servicing costs. These major upgrades to the range mean greater productivity for any fleet without the extra cost. These advancements ensure that our new range is the best performing equipment currently available on the market.

    8-16ton big hyster

    This 8th generation range:

    • H8-12XM-6 (J007 series) replaces the H8.00-12.00XM-6 (H007 series)
    • H13-16XM-6 (H019 series) replaces the H13.00-16.00XM-6 (G019 series)
    • H10-12XM-12EC (H019 series) replaces the H10.00-12.00xM-12EC (H019 series)

    Standard Features of the New XM & XM Advance configurations

    • New Load Sensing Hydraulics system - Come standard on both variables:
      • Demand sensitive which ensures that only the amount of oil required is pumped. This means less waste, lower noise, reduced operating temperatures & greater fuel efficiency.
      • New single VDP hydraulic pump with 90cc variable displacement (196 litre/min). This pump improves laden lifting speeds; providing your fleet with greater efficiency and productivity.
      • Includes an advanced filter system to protect major components from potentially harmful contaminants.
      • Delivers an additional 5% fuel saving.
      • Oil change over interval is extended up to 6,000 hrs. from 2,000 hrs. 
    • Comes standard with the trusted high performance Cummins QSB6.7 Diesel; with 116kw (155 Hp) @ 2,300 rpm.
    • Open operator compartment comes standard.

    XM Configuration standard features:

    • New S.O.H. TE-10 Transmission with has outstanding performance with new high friction clutch discs ensuring longer life and enhanced performance.
    • Dry Drum brakes which are now fitted with an air dryer to improve performance.

    XM Advance Configuration standard features:

    • New ZF 3WG161 transmission offers extra cooling capacity for use in intense applications, creating a highly efficient transmission which translates into improved operating efficiency with a fuel saving of up to 5%. Transmission oil change interval is extended to 2,000 hrs. from 1,000 hrs.
    • New oil immersed 'wet disc' brakes that provide extended service life and increased durability.
    • Up to 10% fuel saving with both the new transmission & Load Sensing Hydraulics System


    • Dual hydraulic pumps: 8-12 tonne models are all fitted as standard with single hydraulic pumps, however the high performance dual pumps are available as an option, but only in the XM Advance configuration.
    • Dual 60cc hydraulic pumps can provide up to 30% higher laden lifting speeds.

    Optional superior operator comfort and control features:

    • Deluxe seating with added option of heated seats.
    • Joystick with all functions (up to 5) on the joystick with revised ergonomic lay-out.
    • Vista Cab.
    • Air-conditioning.
    • High performance air-conditioning.
    • Climate control air-conditioning.
    • Hydraulic oil high temperature warning and protection system.

    For more information about the new 8-16 tonne models please contact your closest Adaptalift Hyster Dealer on 1300 880 335. 

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