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Adaptalift Hyster Morauders: aka Mo Bros War On Awareness

Movember: Adaptalift Hyster Morauders

Led by their fearless captain, Robin Harris (Vic. Service Support Supervisor) the Adaptalift Hyster Morauders set out on a mission to grow great mo’s for a great cause. Too long has the Mo been bearded away, banished from the public eye. Well not in Movember! Movember is a time where mo’s can be grown free of oppression.

These mo bro’s have been raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. So far together with Sales Director Allen Powell, they have raised over $5,000 which has been matched by AALH to bring their total to $10,000!!  What a fantastic effort.  It’s never too late to donate, so please give generously. Visit

Mo Bro Breaking News:

Recent reports indicate the biggest enemy of the Mo is AALH Director, Margret Whiffen who even bribed one of AALH’s original founding mo growing bro’s Allen Powell into cutting down his mighty mo, donating a substantial sum for him to shave it off. Our sources indicate her stating “I hate those ugly things”.

Check out some of the fantastic Adaptalift Hyster mo’s from Movember 2011:


Top Row: Allen Powell, Charles Thomas
Middle Row: Nathan Mckenzie, Michael Northey
Bottom Row: Chris Woodroffe, Scott Baker

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