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Hyster Voted #1 For Lowest Cost of Ownership

In an independent survey conducted by Peerless Media Research Group, Hyster Forklifts ranked No. 1 in the category of lowest total cost of ownership. Based on current customer ratings, Hyster led all full-line forklift truck manufacturers.

Hyster, leaders in heavy duty forklifts, offer undeniably the world’s most durable and reliable forklifts, delivering low cost of ownership and high performance. Often when purchasing machinery the long term costs of ownership are overlooked. It is all too easy to compare initial investments without calculating the real long term costs of the life of your machines.


The initial investment for a forklift may only be a small fraction of the cost compared to the operating and repair costs in which forklifts can accumulate over their life time. With large intervals between service requirements, Hyster forklifts can operate for longer without having to endure servicing costs as frequently as various competitors. This provides a major advantage for a business that relies on their forklifts in order to operate. Not only are servicing costs minimised greatly but also downtime is more controlled. This long term reduction in costs also allows increased productivity in the work place. There is also an overall reduction in long term spending on maintenance requirements that would be necessary with other forklifts. Productivity during periods where other forklifts would be out of action can also be maintained and can be a major advantage for a business. An investment in a forklift must not be taken at face value and the effect of cost of ownership should be a vital factor in the decision making process.

Reliability and durability coupled with service and support allow Adaptalift Hyster to not only provide market leading machinery with low cost of ownership but also the reassurance of assistance from an experienced team. Hyster Company builds tough, durable forklifts that deliver high productivity, low total cost of ownership, easy serviceability and advanced ergonomic features; accompanied by outstanding parts, service and training support. Add to this Adaptalift’s strong customer service and support staff and there is an unbeatable mix of product and after purchase backing.

Overall, Hyster offers true return on value for the smarter purchaser who considers the real long term costs. It is important to not only weigh up the price of the various forklifts but to take into account the cost of ownership over the long term. Not only can a decrease in cost of ownership be achieved but also increased productivity with less downtime in the workplace.

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