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Hyster Tyre Saving Technology

Hyster is the first Big Truck manufacturer to develop and offer tyre preserving technology. The new axle, now available on the Hyster empty container handler, can drastically reduce tyre bills by a factor of up to 3 times and significantly reduce the overall cost of running empty container handling operations.

The typical conical wear of ‘fixed’ twin-tyre sets, as found on conventional axles, is eliminated using the ‘tyre saver’ axle. The differential is mounted in the wheel ends at each side of the axle, allowing each wheel to rotate independently, while still providing full acceleration and braking power.

Reducing Tyre Wear - lowering lifetime costs

This technology helps to minimise what is known as ‘tyre scrubbing’. Tyre wear is a major cost for port and terminal operations which can now be reduced by as much as an anticipated factor of 3 for the front (drive axle) tyres, and 1.5 for the rear (steer axle) tyres.
- Reduce cost of buying tyres 
- Reduce tyre change time - usually a truck has to return to the workshop.
- Less rubber waste means a better environmental footprint. 

The new drive axle also provides easier handling and turning manoeuvrability for Hyster empty container handlers.

Seven years in development

The introduction of the new tyre saver drive axle is the result of a seven year product development programme and significant investment from Hyster and AxleTech International. It was fully tested and proven in real applications before it was released to the market in 2010.

This technology is a major breakthrough for both Hyster and the container handling industry and reaffirms Hyster’s position as a leader in heavy duty handling innovations that deliver real commercial benefits for demanding operations everywhere. In this case, low lifetime costs.

At present the axle is available as an option on the 5/8-High Empty Container Handler. Ask your local Adaptalift Hyster dealer for more information.

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