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Hyster factory produces record 1,000 Big Trucks in six months


Upon the establishment of the Nijmegen plant in 1952 its aim was to focus primarily on the assembly of conventional IC-powered forklifts. However, in 1959, the introduction of the first Hyster container handling equipment came with a change in direction to focusing increasingly on Big Trucks. Over the years, Nijmegen has pioneered several developments, including the first dedicated empty container handler.

July 2012 saw Nijmegen set a new record! For the first time in their 60 year history the production of Big Trucks had hit such high volumes, that over the first half of the year, 1,000 Big Trucks were produced. The plant had never before produced such large quantities of trucks with a lift capacity of 6 to 52 tonnes. The Tier / Stage IIIB Hyster Reach Stacker was the 1,000th Big Truck assembled at the plant.

“This is a record number for the Nijmegen plant and is the result of many factors which are now all coming together. Our previous record was in 2008 when we produced 1, 740 Big Trucks over the whole year” said Wim van Dam, Nijmegen Plant Manager.

In 2010 Hyster had launched a new range of Tier 4i / Stage IIB products at an event at the Nijmegen plant. Significant changes to the factories production lines were revealed to dealers, customers and the press. The re-organisation of the factory had resulted in a more efficient operation that contributed to high production volumes and the plants record production being achieved. 

To improve upon the capabilities of the factory, Wim explained five major areas that were focused on, “we have optimised the costs, the quality of delivered product, parts availability and speed of the resolution of problems in the production and in the field.” “We also strengthened our dealer standard to ensure that Big Trucks continue to be specified and supported by experienced and trained personnel anywhere in the world with the correct infrastructure and equipment.”

Also adding to an increase in demand was the introduction of the 6-9 tonne counterbalance range to Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This introduction was completed in stages over a 3 year period and has allowed for significant delivery time advantages for customers in the EMEA region.

Nijmegen has become the global centre for Big Truck design, development and testing. Their specialties lay in the production of high capacity Hyster forklifts, the Hyster empty and laden container handlers and the Hyster Reach Stacker. Wim has put the strong book order down to the excellence and competitiveness of the products range, “these machines are highly reliable and provide a low total cost of ownership which is very important for high value assets that are operated in intense 24/7 operations.” 

The small amount of factories in Nijmegen has resulted in the site being a significant part of the local community and one of the biggest product manufacturers in the Netherlands.

“We have proven that we can handle these volumes and it is truly a remarkable achievement by the entire team.” - Wim van Dam

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