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Golden Circle re-signs

AAL are pleased to announce we have recently re-signed Golden Circle for a further 60 month period for 82 units including an additional 9 new Crown Double-deep reach trucks. 

Golden circle is owned by 850 farmer shareholders whose fruit and vegetables are used to make Golden Circle's broad product range. This includes: 

  • Tinned fruit & vegetables 
  • Jams 
  • Various fruit juice drinks 

AAL have been Golden Circle's forklift fleet manager for over 14 years. Golden Circle chose to re-sign with AAL for the following reasons: 

  • AAL's independence allows the best equipment for Golden Circle's diverse requirements. 
  • AAL have a thorough understanding of their seasonal requirements and have an ability to offer casual units as required due to our large casual fleet. 
  • Throughout the 14 years AAL have built an excellent customer relationship, offered competitive pricing and a value added service. 

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