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ForkTrack: The most advanced safety and reporting system

ForkTrack is the most comprehensive Safety & Fleet Management product for mobile plant on the market today. ForkTrack combines the piece of mind that equipment is operated in the safest manner, with the management benefits of a sophisticated online reporting tool to ensure your fleet is running at its most efficient 24/7. 

ForkTrack has an extensive array of key safety features to assist operators in their day to day work, to keep them safe. An extensive, fully configurable Pre-Start Safety Checklist ensures all aspects of a vehicles condition are inspected at regular times, before each shift, once per day, whatever your requirement. Automatic alerts are sent to stakeholders if any faults are detected, ensuring a proactive response and a thorough historic record. Operator ID via swipe card (including all existing site access systems) gives you complete control of who can operate equipment on site. Seat & Seatbelt interlocks ensure operators wear their seatbelt at all times. The system also includes automatic shutdown timer, handbrake interlock, engine vital sensors and shutdown features, transmission control, speed output and readout and much more. 

An integral Digital Load Indicator allows operators to know the weight of the load they are carrying, and notify them automatically should a load exceed the SWL of the vehicle. Accumulated loads can also be calculated to assist in determining total loaded weights for transport. In addition an alert can be automatically sent to stakeholders to follow up on overload events. 

Impacts are detected giving operator name, date, time, magnitude, direction and speed prior to the incident, for excellent incident context and investigation. Reporting and Shutdown levels are configurable online and allow any nuisance incidents to be filtered out. 

Reporting is available online via a password protected website, and offers a fully graphical ‘dashboard’ delivering exception based reports to highlight areas of concern. Vehicle efficiencies are shown and compared, including time in use, moving, laden, lifting etc, to accurately and effectively manage your fleet and get the best from each asset. Operators can also be benchmarked based on safe driving and efficiency information. The dashboard ensures that the analysis is done for you, no trawling though reams of data to identify an issue. 

ForkTrack can be installed on any industrial mobile equipment, ensuring uniform controls across your fleet no matter the make up. ForkTrack is Australian made and owned, and designed specifically for our unique Australian environment. 

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