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Combilift Provide a True Return on Investment at Steel Frame Solutions

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Steel Frame Solutions chose the Combilift product as their materials handling equipment of choice, and have been extremely happy with their return on investment. Their Combilift’s have increased storage capacity at site, improved handling times as well as reduced operator risk. Ideal for handling long loads the Combililft is the number one multi-directional forklift in Australia, nationally distributed and supported by Adaptalift Hyster for over 10 years.

Combilift Handing Steel

After much consideration and on site assessments by Adaptalift Hyster, Steel Frame Solutions purchased two models; the Combilift C4000 & CB2500, as their preferred Multidirectional Long load Forklift for its unmatched adaptability and durability. “The previous multidirectional forklift was not suitable to take onto gravel surfaces. It also had yard maintenance issues and wasn’t big enough to do the yard tasks”, stated Ian Wakefield, General Manager - Manufacturing at Steel Frame Solutions.

Steel Frame Solutions has been established for 13 years fabricating steel roll formed building materials, prefabricated walls, frames & trusses. Located at Wendouree, in Victoria they employ more than 80 people. In 2010 the company manufactured more than 1200 housing frames. They have a strong client base; supplying major clients such as J G King, Australia’s largest builder of steel frame homes. Steel Frame Solutions has established a reputation for building high quality durable products.

With growing storage requirements and increased stock turnover, Steel Frame Solutions went on a search for a suitable solution to meet their requirements. “Our products are very long, our site has concrete surfaces within the manufacturing plant, asphalt in high traffic areas in the yard and gravel for the remainder of the yard”, stated Ian Wakefield.

The Combilift C4000 & CB2500 provided the perfect solution for Steel Frame Solutions’ needs, with the Combilift patented leading edge, 4-way steering system, allowing the machine to travel sideways with long loads. Steel Frame Solutions was able to reduce racking aisle widths and improve handling times. “One advantage we have with the new equipment is that we have made the driveways in the yard narrower, therefore increasing our storage area. The Combilift manoeuvrability allowed us to decrease the load width for truss and wall packs”, said Ian.

Combi CB Handing Steel

Not only did the Combilift reduce aisle widths, therefore improving storage space, it also dramatically reduced load handing time. Ian Wakefield explains “With loads carried lower and driver visibility increased, timesaving was achieved due to ease of transporting product. Our forklift drivers can complete their daily tasks with ease and without driving in reverse constantly.” Narrow aisles and doorways are never a problem for the Combilift thanks to the advanced steering system and high level of control the driver has over the vehicle.

The Combilift is specifically designed to handle long-loads safely. It is tested to CE machinery directive and complies with ANSI/AMSE, B56.1 requirements. Loads can be transported at low levels using the integrated platform. This keeps the load at a low centre of gravity, which means there is greater stability compared to a conventional forklift travelling with the load lifted high. “Our risk assessments have given every indication that risk has been lowered significantly”, said Ian Wakefield. The enclosed cabin gives the driver full 360 degree visibility at all times. This is important when lifting and transporting loads, and working in areas where there are lots of pedestrians.

“Safety was a key factor in purchasing the Combilifts. The aim of the project was to reduce risk by eliminating the need to carry long products at height to get the materials around the storage yard or in and around the manufacturing plant. Overall the Combilift is better suited to the work environment and terrain at Steel Frame Solutions”, said Ian Wakefield.

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