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Big Trucks are a winner at SteelHaul

Hyster at SteelHaul

As SteelHaul predominantly transport and store heavy materials, they require durable machinery to carry out their daily movement tasks. SteelHaul and Adaptalift Hyster have had a strong relationship for over fifteen years now, with Adaptalift Hyster supplying SteelHaul with the Big Trucks they require for their immense operation.

SteelHaul was established in 1978 and their initial focus was the transport and storage of bulk steel. Thirty three years later, there are now four key key divisions within the company including container transport, specialised logistics, warehousing and distribution as well as general transport and break bulk handling. SteelHaul operates from two purpose built warehouse facilities with an additional hardstand area in Naval Base, Western Australia. SteelHaul employs over 70 people and is a market leader in the Western Australian transport industry.

Although the company was founded on the transportation of steel product, SteelHaul also handle concrete panels, heavy machinery, large steel piles, palletised freight, sea containers and over 88,000 tonnes of newsprint annually. SteelHaul utilise Adaptalift Hyster equipment for the swift movement of these materials as they rely on durable and dependable machinery for their day-to-day business operation. A major impact Hyster equipment has had on SteelHaul is increased “productivity”, as stated by Neville Fox, the Director of Logisitics at SteelHaul. Fox believes there is “less downtime” with Hyster. When it comes to the speedy movement of freight “reliability is very important” says Fox. With Hyster “we don’t have a lot of break downs or down time. Down time is the main thing though – there is no down time” explained Fox. If there ever is an issue with the machinery, Adaptalift Hyster have been “called up on weekends and after hours when required and there is never any problems with response times. The staff at Adaptalift Hyster are a pleasure to deal with as they are always friendly, courteous and helpful” stated Fox.

The machinery used by SteelHaul comprises of a fleet of big trucks, which includes the Hyster H32.00XM and H16.00XM models, plus 3 smaller Hyster 3 tonners and a few 5 tonners. Fox claims “if we didn’t have the H32.00XM we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do”. Without the heavy duty machinery the containers which are loaded on and off the docks as well as transported to warehousing would not be able to be transported in such a timely fashion. Due to the reliability of the Hyster equipment, Fox explains that more work can be achieved. SteelHaul currently completes approximately 50 – 100 container movements per day. When it comes to the operation of the Big Trucks, Fox notes that “drivers are at ease with the equipment” as it is “easy to operate as well as easy to educate new drivers on the equipment”.

The Hyster H32.00XM belongs to the H20.00-32.00F series of Big Trucks. This series benefits from Hyster’s long experience in providing cargo handling forklift trucks for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. These machines provide an excellent return on investment with an outstanding blend of uptime, fast handling and low running costs. The AxleTech drive axle is built to Hyster specifications and features one-piece drive shafts, planetary end-reductions and offers wet disc brakes. The fully automatic gear shifting system offers additional comfort for the operator and the forward reverse shifting lock-out function protects the transmission against excessive wear. The smooth running Cummins QCS 8.3 diesel engine results in excellent acceleration and pulling power, combined with low fuel consumption. The ergonomic design of the operator’s cab, which is mounted on isolators, improves sound reduction. The cab is adaptable for optimum visibility in different applications or optimum comfort in different climates.

When queried as to whether Fox believes the relationship between Adaptalift Hyster and SteelHaul will get stronger in the future, Fox proclaimed “yes due to the reliability and workload the Hyster trucks bring to our company, I can’t see why not. You can’t go wrong with a Hyster”.

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