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ANL Container Park upholds eco-friendly values with the help of Adaptalift Hyster

ANL Container Park with a Hyster Container Handler

Adaptalift Hyster and ANL Container Park developed a strong and successful relationship after ANL’s lease of four H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handlers in 2012.

ANL Container Line established ANL Container Park in Melbourne in December last year.  ANL wanted state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly equipment and looked towards Adaptalift Hyster to supply these for the new operation. The provision of Hyster Empty Container Handlers by Adaptalift Hyster ensured ANL could sustain their corporate values through the latest in environmentally friendly container handling machines.

The H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handler features a Tier 4 engine, which is extremely advantageous to ANL Container Park’s environmental footprint. Hyster trucks that feature a Tier 4 engine, can achieve up to 15% better fuel consumption. This is achieved though performance optimisation techniques such as cooling on demand and alternate engine idle speed. Furthermore, the engine utilises cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to effectively control NOx emissions, reducing them by up to 45%. The Tier 4 engine is capable of achieving both low levels of emissions and improved productivity. ANL Container Park has benefited using Hyster Empty Container Handlers, gaining a productive machine that is cleaner and quieter in operation.

The tyre preserving technology featured within the H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handler is another feature that ensures the continuation of ANL Container Park’s eco-friendly values. The design of the Empty Container Handlers allows for reduced tyre scrubbing because the wheels are able to rotate independently of each other. This reduces tyre wear by as much as a factor of three for the front (drive axle) tyres, whilst the typical conical wear of ‘fixed twin tyres is eliminated. This technology provides ANL with an efficient machine that extends tyre life and reduces the overall cost of empty container handling operations.

The four H22.00XM-12EC Empty Container Handlers provided by Adaptalift Hyster have enabled ANL to offer its customers a proactive and innovative service, while maintaining their commitment to the environment and sustainability. The newfound partnership between Adaptalift Hyster and ANL Container Park has provided ANL with an eco-friendly and efficient solution to materials handling.

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