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Adaptalift Hyster, Jayco’s one stop shop

Hyster Forklift in use at Jayco

Adaptalift Hyster’s partnership with Jayco dates back 15 years, over which period, each company has progressed significantly. Both solid family businesses with a reputation for producing high quality products, Adaptalift Hyster is able to understand the need for efficiency regarding materials handling within Jayco and can easily provide information on how to maintain company standards.

Now in its fourth decade of business and employing over 800 staff, Jayco has moved to one site in Dandenong Victoria, which encompasses a state of the art purpose built complex. The site is 50 acres in size with an undercover area of 60,000sqm. Its size and complexity requires the use of a variety of materials handling equipment, from battery electric reach trucks, to big trucks. Adaptalift Hyster has been able to provide solutions to each application within Jayco’s site and have acted as a one-stop shop for the company. The range of services and products made available by Adaptalift Hyster has ensured Jayco are able to maintain consistency throughout their fleet, keeping fleet management simple.

Jayco - Hyster Forklifts

Jayco’s range of Hyster equipment includes two R1.4 Battery Electric Reach Trucks and Twenty-three Hyster 2.5TX and Hyster 2.5DX forklifts. Jayco has found the main advantages in the use of this equipment to be the ease in which it is maintained, as well as, the extra manoeuvrability the machines provide, resulting in improved productivity. Jayco’s warehouse consists of narrow aisles which means the machines have to work in tight spaces. They have found that Hyster equipment performs well and is able to efficiently complete tasks within this environment. Benefits provided to Jayco using Hyster equipment is illustrated in features within the R1.4, such as the 180° and 360° progressive steering, which provides narrow aisle manoeuvrability, or the Hydrostatic Steer Axle in the H2.5TX that maximises durability and increases steering control.

Jayco also makes use of a Hyster 12 tonne Big Truck, (H12.00XM-6), which is used to load fully constructed caravans into trucks for transport. After experiencing the benefits of the H12.00XM-6, Jayco realised that their previous non-Hyster 12 tonne truck was unable to deliver the comfort and reliability provided by Hyster. They also gained positive feedback from their operators who prefer using the Hyster model. The ergonomic design of the H12.00XM-6 provides operator comfort, through features such as the Hyster Vista Cab, which ensures ease of operation and all round visibility.  Furthermore, the H12.00XM-6 has been faultless over the 12 month period which Jayco has been utilising it, which could be another reason behind the operators preference of the Hyster machine.

Hyster Forklift in use at Jayco

Jayco’s use of ForkTrack further illustrates their use of Adaptalift Hyster as a one-stop shop. ForkTrack is an advanced safety system used to reduce fleet running costs and provide instant monitoring and control. ForkTrack also offers real-time web based reporting and operator accountability. Jayco have been able to use ForkTrack to decrease operating costs as well as damage to their trucks and products. They have also increased site safety through utilising ForkTrack’s speed-limiting feature. As a result, travel speeds around the warehouse have been lowered, acting as a deterrent for speeding. Owen Donohue, Site Logistics Manager at Jayco explains that the use of ForkTrack means, “[operators] are definitely more aware that if they speed, we will be notified and they will be spoken to”. Jayco currently has four units with ForkTrack and as they replace trucks, each is fitted with the ForkTrack safety system.

ForkTrack fitted to a Hyster Forklift at Jayco

Jayco has insisted that their partnership with Adaptalift Hyster will continue to grow stronger in the future and have found both the company and its products to be extremely reliable. Adaptalift Hyster’s knowledge has been of great benefit to Jayco “their focus is on growing your business and making sure you have the right product for your company” as explained by Owen Donohue. Adaptalift Hyster’s ability to provide a variety of products and services has ensured that Jayco has no reason to go elsewhere, guaranteeing the continuation of their relationship in the coming years.

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