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Adaptalift Hyster contributes to the safety of Toll Group’s new Queensland facility

Adaptalift Hyster and the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman MP, joined Toll Group Divisional Director Mal Grimmond to officially open the new facility on Wednesday 14th May 2014. The 44,000 square metres of warehouse situated in the Logan Motorway precinct of South East Queensland was custom built for Toll. This site is the new national head office and depot for leading transport business, Toll NQX, and also houses Tolls’ dedicated fleet services and contract logistics businesses.

A key feature of the design of the new facility was safety as Mr Grimmond explains “the new depot has been designed to provide the absolute safest working environment for our people, which is essential in a labour-intensive industry such as transport and logistics.”

“We’ve purposely limited the interactions between pedestrians and forklifts as much as possible…” adds Mr Grimmond and Adaptalift Hyster are proud to have been a contributing element to these safe working practices. 41 new Hyster FT European model forklifts are ready to be delivered to the new site with ForkTrack fitted to each model to ensure management of safety is optimised.

Toll Group Hysters

ForkTrack on each model includes:

  • Operator ID controls
  • Speed limiting
  • Pre start safety checklist
  • Impact detection
  • Online reporting

These forklift models also include:

  • Duramatch transmissions for smooth operation
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Finger-tip controls
  • No roll back on ramps
  • Controlled deceleration
  • Controlled braking
  • Various modifications to reduce customer damage
  • On board data terminals with scanners to record product movements
  • Storage box mounted forklift for chains and bars
  • Sliding sun roof
  • Attachment cylinder guards
Toll Group Hysters

Superior safety measures are provided by the installation of ForkTrack on every Hyster forklift within the materials handling fleet. One such measure is the access to real-time reporting by managers of the fleet. These reports allow management of the timely replacement of units within the fleet as well as safety incidents and operator misuse such as speeding. Not only does ForkTrack allow for a safer workplace, it also allows for a more efficient and cost effective workplace.

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