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6-High Reach Stackers from Hyster


Hyster has recently announced a series of developments on its leading Reach Stacker range of container handling equipment, including a 6-high stacking option for higher density container stacking.

Hyster’s Reach Stacker range is available in both container handling (CH) and intermodal handling (IH) versions and is designed for high density container stacking applications, usually up to 5-high and 3-rows deep. Hyster has now introduced the 6-high stacker option, which is currently available on certain Reach Stacker container handling models. For the first time, Hyster Reach Stacker models can stack 8’6” height containers 6 high, in the first container row.

Other developments include new standard features for all Reach Stacker models such as a Powered Sliding Cab for optimum visibility from the industry leading ‘Vista’ Operator Compartment. The container weight display (also showing distance and height) is standard, allowing the driver to anticipate the truck’s handling capabilities before the stability and weight limit is reached. The Powered Damping Cylinders (PDC) function which enables drivers to ‘tilt’ the spreader forward and backward over +/- 5 degrees is also now optional on container handling models.

The Hyster Reach Stacker series is available with a modern clean-running diesel engine, oil-immersed brakes, robust drive-axle and advanced auto-shift transmission, which all combine to maintain maximum productivity and reliability during operation in demanding applications.

Hyster is renowned for producing dependable products with the drivetrain being a major focal point on Reach Stackers. The transmission and engine management systems ensure protection against potentially damaging operational procedures, for example, transmission forward to reverse “shifting lock-out” prevents potential tensional stress being applied to the drive train when changing direction. In addition, the engine protection and monitoring system initially derates the engine power and finally shuts down the engine when a fault is detected.

The hydraulic system is highly efficient, and features ‘Two-Speed Lift’ and ‘Power on Demand’ functions so that the truck only delivers the required lifting power according to weight with class leading lifting speeds. Increased capacity handling is available due to models featuring stabilisers and/or increased wheelbase and there is easy service access to minimize cost and service time.

There are new options available across the entire Hyster Big Trucks range, which focus on maximizing driver comfort and efficient operation, including an operator presence feature, where the engine is shut down when the seat is not occupied. This aids the reduction of fuel consumption, which not only leads to reduction in operation costs but is also more environmentally friendly. There is also a preset travel-speed reduction function, a ‘DeLuxe’ air-suspension seat with heating option, high output air-conditioning and climate control.

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