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Hyster Forklift’s and the Timber Industry

February 28, 2019
Filed under: Materials Handling

Hyster’s diverse range of forklifts cater to all materials handling requirements for timber businesses with small electric trucks for indoor warehousing and storage operations right up to rugged big trucks able to operate outside in timber yards no matter the weather conditions.

This blog explores reasons why Hyster forklifts are ideally suited for the timber industry.
Hyster forklifts timber yard

Forklift Safety Tips from Adaptalift

November 30, 2018
Filed under: Safety

To assist our customers in providing the highest standards of safety in recent months Adaptalift has increased and enhanced our safety accessory offerings.

This blog will look at some of the forklift safety accessories available.
forklift camera safety system

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Unit Showcase

October 19, 2018
Filed under: Warehouse Racking

Very narrow aisle (VNA) is a warehouse layout design to maximise the utilisation of available storage space.

By narrowing the distance of the aisles and using tall racking systems the maximum vertical and horizontal storage space is able to be utilised no matter the overall size of the building.

Adaptalift Group has a number of specially adapted VNA units to suit any application including man-up turret trucks, counterbalance aisle-master forklifts and ride-on reach trucks.

Hyster very narrow aisle turret trucks

Karcher Cleaning Products Now Offered Through Adaptalift Group Partnership

October 04, 2018
Filed under: Sweepers & Scrubbers

In July 2018 Adaptalift Group and Karcher Australia announced a partnership adding the full range of Karcher’s industry leading industrial cleaning products to Adaptalift Groups product offering.

This blog looks at three main types of industrial cleaning equipment being offered through the partnership including pressure cleaners, floor cleaners and scrubbers and floor sweepers.
Karcher industrial cleaners

Harnessing IOT Data for Better Fleet Maintenance

September 21, 2018
Filed under: Technology

As more and more warehouses and forklifts become internet capable, owners and operators have a multitude of data at their fingertips that can be utilised to make better informed decisions.

This week’s blog looks at how IOT connectivity and data when utilised through Adaptalift’s Forktrack fleet management system can assist fleet managers in better utilising and maintening their fleet.
Forktrack portable connectivity

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