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Harnessing IOT Data for Better Fleet Maintenance

September 21, 2018
Filed under: Technology

As more and more warehouses and forklifts become internet capable, owners and operators have a multitude of data at their fingertips that can be utilised to make better informed decisions.

This week’s blog looks at how IOT connectivity and data when utilised through Adaptalift’s Forktrack fleet management system can assist fleet managers in better utilising and maintening their fleet.
Forktrack portable connectivity

Adaptalift Adds Dingli Elevating Work Platforms (EWP) to Product Offering

May 28, 2018
Filed under: Elevating Work Plaftorms

Earlier this year Adaptalift Group acquired Dingli Australia, becoming the official Australian distributor for the leading range of elevating work platforms (EWP’s).

This week’s blog looks at the three main types of EWP’s available, providing a brief overview of the unit and its uses along whilst also showcasing popular models from the Dingli range.
Dingli elevating work platforms

Which Forklift Seat Is Best For Your Application?

May 14, 2018
Filed under: Parts

Providing operators with ergonomic and comfortable seating during their shift is paramount for fleet owners and operators.

With operations often running 24/7 operators are sitting for longer periods of time, which can lead to many physical ailments most commonly back pain.

The correct seat allows operators to sit comfortably during operations, thus reducing the likelihood of the employee being affected by a physical ailment.

using the incorrect forklift seat can lead to physical injury and bad posture

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