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Advantages of Hot Water Pressure Cleaners

September 12, 2019
Filed under: Pressure Cleaners

High pressure cleaners offer advantages in terms of economy, cleaning results and environmental impact.

Adaptalift Group offers a complete range of Karcher high pressure cleaners including cold and hot water models.

This week blog looks at the advantages of hot water pressure cleaners.
karcher cold and hot water pressure cleaners

8 Important Safety Precautions When Working with a Pressure Washer

August 12, 2019
Filed under: Pressure Cleaners

Using a pressure washer to clean can be an extremely effective and efficient. However, if care is not taken when operating there is a risk of injury or damage to property.

If you’re going to work with a pressure washer, there are certain precautions you should take to avoid injuries.

Whether you are a professional, a beginner or you are simply trying to do some DIY cleaning, these tips are important.
Karcher pressure cleaner