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Forklift Battery Room Design

November 23, 2017
Filed under: Batteries

This blog will look at some key considerations in designing and placing a battery room, with practical examples of designs previously installed by Adaptalift.

battery room size needs to be sufficient to fit all charging and handling equipment, as well as clear unit movement

Designing a safe forklift battery charging room

April 26, 2016
Filed under: Batteries

Battery electric forklifts are seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to combustion engine forklifts

This blog post will look at battery charging room design, setting out some key design considerations that will ensure a safe battery charging room.

hyster battery charging station

Rapid Opportunity Charging Forklift Batteries

October 30, 2015
Filed under: Batteries

Rapid Opportunity Charging Forklift Batteries

This blog post will look at rapid charging technology developed by Adaptalift Hyster’s partner company Speedshield Technologies that can safely and rapidly charge forklift batteries keeping forklift fleets operational for longer eliminating costly downtime due to charging.