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Meeting the Strictest Diesel Emission Standards - Hyster’s New 2.5XT Forklift

August 29, 2016
Filed under: Materials Handling, Industry Trends, Green

Global warming and the environment continue to be a major cause of concern for the global population. As such, companies world-wide are developing new ways of conducting business with less impact on the environment. Globally corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow. Hyster’s new 2.5XT diesel forklift adheres to the highest emission standards currently issued.
Hyster's new 2.5XT diesel forklift adheres to the highest emission standards currently issued

Sustainability in the Materials Handling Industry

May 14, 2014
Filed under: Materials Handling, Green

Sustainability in the Materials Handling Industry

Within the materials handling industry, the commitment of companies to sustainability practices has been increasing in recent years. Companies are now beginning to see the benefits of incorporating sustainability concepts which save both money and resources. This week’s blog discusses the benefits of implementing sustainable practices in the materials handling industry.

Sustainable Packaging

March 21, 2013
Filed under: Green

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging materials are used every day; to move raw materials to a manufacturer, bulk finished materials to a distributor and the final product to the consumer. The litter it creates ends up in our rivers, our soil and our air. One year from now, you will have thrown away approximately 200kg of packaging waste. We have reached a point, where companies need to consider alternative solutions to packaging. This blog will explore some important aspects of sustainable packaging, from what it entails, to how it is perceived by consumers.

Creating a Green Supply Chain

December 07, 2012
Filed under: Green

Creating a Green Supply Chain

We are told more often than not; that every little bit we do to help the environment counts. But how do we implement ‘green’ practices into our organisations? This weeks blog covers some of the basic things your company can do in order to create a green supply chain.