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Importance of Properly Lubricating Your Forklift

May 01, 2019
Filed under: Forklift Maintenance & Upkeep

Similar to how joint fluid allows humans to seamlessly and painlessly bend at joints such as elbows and knees, it is imperative that all moving mechanical parts of a forklift are greased regularly.

To gain maximum benefits it is essential to utilise a high quality grease rather than an oil to lubricate your forklift. Grease performs the same function as oil, however is thicker and longer lasting.

forklift lubrication grease

Forklift End of LIfe Options

March 17, 2017
Filed under: Forklift Maintenance & Upkeep

For many forklift owners and operators having an up to date and technologically advanced unit is imperative for operations.

This blog will look at the options available to forklift operators and owners when their forklift is reaching the end of working life. 


How To Conduct A Proper Tyne Inspection

January 19, 2017
Filed under: Forklift Maintenance & Upkeep

This week’s blog is part two in our series looking at proper tyne care and maintenance. Following on from our previous blog providing an introduction into tyne care and maintenance, this blog will look at how a proper tyne inspection should be carried out. The post will provide detail on seven critical elements of a pair of tynes that need inspection.

blades should be straight if they deviate they should be replaced

Introduction to Proper Tyne Care and Maintenance

December 09, 2016
Filed under: Forklift Maintenance & Upkeep

Due to the high volume of large loads tynes are repeatedly used to carry, proper maintenance and care is crucial.

This blog is the first in a series looking at tyne care will provide ten examples of misuse and what to avoid so tynes are not damaged in the course of normal operations.

Further blogs will also look in-depth at tyne care and when and how to conduct a proper tyne inspection.

forklift tyne care

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