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Forklift Safety: Tripping Hazards Beware

March 15, 2019
Filed under: Forklift Operators - Safety & Guides

A common source of injuries are tripping hazards, forklifts with their raised cabins, long tynes and cabin equipment present a number of trip hazards.

Tripping over or around a forklift can lead to serious injury or even death.

This blog outlines the most common trip hazards in a forklift; it also looks at safety measures that can be implemented to mitigate the hazards improving the overall safety for operators and those working in close vicinity to the forklift.
tripping over forklift tynes

Why OH&S is important for your materials handling operation

August 12, 2015
Filed under: Forklift Operators - Safety & Guides, Safety

Why OH&S is important for your materials handling operation

Continuing on from our previous blog posts regarding container handling, this post will look at a critical element of any container handling operation occupational health and safety. It will explain why proper OH&S is critical to employee safety and will show how the latest technological advances in mobile device management can make any workplace safer.

Forklift Operator Ergonomics

November 30, 2012
Filed under: Forklift Operators - Safety & Guides

Forklift Operator Ergonomics

Forklift operators spend a vast majority of their time sitting and twisting, resulting in a number of physical strains. After an eight hour shift one would expect to be, at least, at little sore and stiff.

This blog takes a look at the risks of operator discomfort and what operators and the businesses they work for can do to improve upon operator ergonomics.

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