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Currently viewing archive: March, 2019

Benefits of Short Term Forklift Rental

March 29, 2019
Filed under: Forklift Rental

With a greater demand for flexibility businesses are increasingly seeking to utilise short-term rental (STR) forklifts to fill any gaps in their MHE fleet.

This week’s blog looks at reasons why businesses should consider STR forklifts and how businesses can benefits from STR agreements.
short term forklift rental

Forklift Safety: Tripping Hazards Beware

March 15, 2019
Filed under: Forklift Operators - Safety & Guides

A common source of injuries are tripping hazards, forklifts with their raised cabins, long tynes and cabin equipment present a number of trip hazards.

Tripping over or around a forklift can lead to serious injury or even death.

This blog outlines the most common trip hazards in a forklift; it also looks at safety measures that can be implemented to mitigate the hazards improving the overall safety for operators and those working in close vicinity to the forklift.
tripping over forklift tynes