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Currently viewing archive: March, 2014

Operating Forklifts Safely on a Slope

March 20, 2014
Filed under: Safety

Operating Forklifts Safely on a Slope

When operating forklifts in areas which contain slopes and ramps it is important to ensure safety measures are always carried out. Not only can operators be at risk when travelling recklessly on slopes but the safety of pedestrians is also compromised. The load in which the forklift operator may be transporting can also be significantly damaged or even destroyed if safety precautions are not followed within this situation. This week on the blog we discuss what should always be done when travelling on a slope and what should never be done whilst operating a forklift on a slope.

Forklift battery regeneration vs. purchasing a new battery

March 13, 2014
Filed under: Forklift Maintenance & Upkeep, Technology

Forklift battery regeneration vs. purchasing a new battery

All Forklift batteries begin to sulphate from the day they are manufactured. The normal operation of cycling (charging and discharging) the battery results in more sulphates building up on the plates; this is a result of charging technology not being 100% efficient. Steve Yates; Adaptalift Hyster’s Motive Power Product Specialist has shared some important tips for those considering regenerating a second hand forklift battery or purchasing a new one.