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Currently viewing archive: February, 2014

Serious Safety Fails

February 25, 2014
Filed under: Safety

Serious Safety Fails

Every workplace has hazards; the important thing is to know how to avoid them.  We have all heard our fair share of safety fails where environmental factors have breached Workplace health and Safety laws, employees have lacked training or simply just trying to shortcut the job at hand.  This blog post shares eight astonishing safety fails in hope it will remind us all to take safety seriously.

Top 5 changes to the mining industry expected to occur in 2014

February 12, 2014
Filed under: Materials Handling, Industry Trends

Top 5 changes to the mining industry expected to occur in 2014

Deloitte has put together a list of 10 trends it anticipates for the mining industry in the year ahead. The market is now demanding change and mining companies must adjust the way they operate in order to cope. Operations in Australia and globally will continue to face challenging market conditions in 2014 such as rising costs, low commodity prices, imbalances between supply and demand as well as a decline in productivity. The blog today discusses 5 of the most pressing and challenging trends the mining industry is expected to face in the coming year, as suggested by Deloitte.