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Why OH&S is important for your materials handling operation

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This post will look at a critical element of any materials handling operation: occupational health and safety. It will explain why proper OH&S is critical to employee safety and will show how the latest technological advances in mobile device management can make any workplace safer.

Proper occupational health and safety is vitally important when working on and around any piece of material handling equipment. According to Hannenburg 2015: “It is vital that managers of warehouses, factories as well as field workers take charge in managing forklift use to ensure workers are safe and compliant.”

To aid in management operations many companies are now implementing: “Mobile device management systems that allow a business to connect their technology hardware to their business back end systems to greatly enhance the visibility and information managers have at hand when making decisions.”

This optimised visibility of forklifts and workers allows a company to properly manage its OH&S performance. Hannenburg 2015 believes: “Poor OH&S leads to higher accident and injury rates that may increase businesses operating costs and lower productivity, workplace culture and morale. Management of OH&S performance demonstrates that a business is committed to improving the safety of its workers.”

Adaptalift Hyster in conjunction with fellow Adaptalift Group company Speedshield Technologies has developed the industry leading ForkTrack fleet management safety system.

ForkTrack combines advanced safety features with an unprecedented level of fleet efficiency, offering:

  • Reduced fleet running costs
  • Instant monitoring and control
  • Real-time web based reporting
  • Operator accountability and performance management

ForkTrack Infographic

When seamlessly combined with the award winning Speedshield product range, including Zoned Speed Control, Variable Speed Limiting and Lift Height Monitoring, Speedshield Technologies CEO Nathan McKenzie describes ForkTrack as giving: “All levels of management, OH&S representatives and operators the peace of mind that essential safety requirements are being observed 24/7 through its extensive array of features and capabilities. ForkTrack makes your workplace safer, it’s that simple!”

Forktrack Module

Forktrack Features

Critical OH&S Monitoring

ForkTrack can provide and monitor seat/seatbelt interlocking, operator ID controls and pre-start safety checklists

Impact detection and shutdown

Accelerometers accurately report impact events with information immediately emailed to management. In cases of severe impact a vehicle can be tagged out to ensure it is inspected before returning to operation.

Handbrake interlock, transmission control and vital engine monitoring

Always ensures the handbrake is engaged when an operator leaves the vehicle, reduces tyre wear and driveline damage, monitors all vital engine signs and shuts down any malfunctioning components.

Advanced features include

digital weight indicator, speed and zone control, lift/tilt lockout, overload lockout, automatic email alerts, and battery management system.

To ensure your workplace meets the highest OH&S standards invest in the most advanced fleet management safety system available today; ForkTrack from Adaptalift Hyster.

For a comprehensive list of all ForkTrack features click here.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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