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Why Buy Hyster? Five Core Principles used when designing and Building Hyster Forklifts

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You have more than likely come across some challenging experiences when dealing with forklifts. They can be dangerous, costly, time consuming and just plain uncomfortable to operate. Choosing the right forklift supplier, who is reliable, flexible and cost effective in the long term is, at times, a hard decision to make.

Hyster follows five core principles when designing and building each of their different forklift models:

• World-Class Dependability

• Lower Cost of Ownership

• Excellent Ergonomics

• Enhanced Productivity

• Easy Serviceability

These five core principles have been put in place to ensure you do not have to deal with continuous and costly breakdowns and safety hazards that are sometimes encountered when dealing with forklifts and forklift suppliers
But do Hysters five core principles really equal safe, dependable, productive and easily serviced forklifts?

Let’s find out!

1.  World Class Dependability

The dependability of a forklift is extremely important. It can cause you a great deal of strife if you have purchased a forklift that is prone to breakdowns. The longer your forklift is out of service the less productive your business will be.

What questions do we need to ask to find out if Hyster Forklifts are really as dependable as stated?

Are Hyster Forklifts Tested for Dependability?

Anyone can state that their products are dependable, but are they actually tested to ensure their dependability? In this case, Hyster use their nine stage development process when building and designing their products. Products are tested from their concept through to their launch and every forklift is required to pass each of the nine stages. Each step confirms if the product will deliver all the intended benefits to users, including dependability.

How are Hyster Forklifts tested?

Hyster use a life cycle simulation test to verify the dependability of the design and cooperation with manufacturing and service functions ensure that new products are built and supported to consistently high standards.

So, Hyster test each of their products before selling them. But have they actually produced any forklifts which are known for their dependability?

An example of one of their products, which has been shown to be particularly dependable, is the W50Z Series Low Lift Pallet Truck which features reduced wiring complexity and dew service parts to ensure less maintenance is required and the truck life is longer.

2. Lower Cost of Ownership

Hyster pride themselves on having a low cost of ownership. But are Hyster Forklifts as cost effective as we are made to believe, or is this just an advertising ploy used to get you on board with their product?

First we must determine what a cost effective forklift entails:

• Cheap to run
• Minimal service time
• Productive

What types of products do Hyster provide that cover these three areas?

1.Hyster provides a range of Electric trucks that recapture energy during breaking and lowering of loads. This allows energy to be reused and therefore reduces the overall energy consumption of the forklift.

2.The H50CT features its standard Eco-elo fuel saving mode. This results in saving you an overall 24% in fuel compared to other similar spec forklifts. It also features a stronger mast which allows it to lift heavier loads at greater heights.

3.The H10.00-12.00XM-12EC machines feature an engine shutdown function and tilting cab for easy service access, therefore minimising service time and cost.

Picture of Hyster H50ct forklift

3. Excellent Ergonomics

When purchasing a forklift you should look for comfortable seats, tilt steering wheels and extra leg and head room. As you will know, if the operator of a forklift is uncomfortable, they are unable to work efficiently, therefore effecting productivity.

As one of the core principles, used by Hyster when building and designing their forklifts, it is important to ask; has Hyster produced forklifts featuring ergonomic designs that enable the operator to work more efficiently?

Let’s take a look at some of the ergonomic designs produced by Hyster:

• The H1.5-3.5TX 2LE series features a fatigue reducing operator compartment, as well as Touch Point Mini-Levers to Return to Centre Steering.
• The H36-48XM(S)-12 Series has an operator compartment which is positioned in a ‘mid high’ and forward position for excellent all round     visibility. It also features air conditioning and low cab noise. Furthermore, the dash is positioned to the drivers’ right hand side to avoid unnecessary distraction.

Picture of hyster forklift

4. Enhanced Productivity

One way to ensure that a forklift is productive is through checking its performance features. This will allow you to determine how quickly operators can perform their work.

Each business has their own needs, so how can Hyster ensure productivity when there is such variance in the needs of the customer?

Regardless of what your company does, safety is paramount to your productivity. If your forklifts are unsafe, accidents are bound to happen. Hyster ensures operator safety through the use of Forktrack. Forktrack features include; safety interlocks, load and over speed sensing, speed limiting, impact detection, restart safety checklist, digital weight indicator and much more. In addition to driver safety, crucial data such as oil pressure, coolant temperature and hydraulic fluid levels are all stored and downloaded.

Productivity can also be affected by the type of forklift you are using. Hyster boasts their range of products, which is something we can turn a blind eye to when purchasing a forklift. Although, this is something we should not ignore. Flexibility is extremely important in purchasing the forklift that is right for your company. Hysters range includes eco-friendly electric forklifts, LPG and diesel forklifts, in all sizes, large to small. 

Picture of forktrack

5. Easy Serviceability

Forklifts need servicing from time to time and the less service time, the better.

So how does Hyster follow through on their principle of easy serviceability?

When building their forklifts, Hyster have kept in mind the importance of features that ensure their forklifts are easily serviced. Some features that are found in Hyster forklifts include:

• J-Hook Mast Mounting System. This allows the mast to be removed, elevating the truck and therefore requiring less service time.
• Chain adjustment. Dependable strong anchor brackets are positioned for quick easy adjustments and service.
• Floor plate. One piece for easy access saving service time.

Five Core Principles - Conclusion

Hysters five core principles were put in place to ensure the quality and safety of their product. It’s easy to question the viability of these principles, in the development of Hyster Forklifts, but the end result is shown to be a trustworthy and dependable vehicle.

Whether or not you choose to buy Hyster, you should take into account their five key principles when purchasing a forklift. This will ensure that you end up with a reliable, quality product that you can trust.

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