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Which Forklift Seat Is Best For Your Application?

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One of the top safety accessories mentioned in a 2016 blog post is the correct forklift seat for the application and the duration operators are seated for.

There are a variety of seat options available from basic seats up to full air suspension seats for the ultimate operator comfort.

Providing operators with ergonomic and comfortable seating during their shift is paramount for fleet owners and operators.

With operations often running 24/7 operators are sitting for longer periods of time, which can lead to many physical ailments most commonly back pain.

The correct seat allows operators to sit comfortably during operations, thus reducing the likelihood of the employee being affected by a physical ailment.

using the incorrect forklift seat can lead to physical injury and bad posture

This is ultimately beneficial for several reasons including:

  • Workers complete their shift without injury downtime, resulting in more productivity for the business
  • With employees less likely to being injured, it reduces the likelihood of the company having to pay compensation to injured employees
  • A reduction in overall business costs as employees are working longer and replacement employees are not required to be sought when injured employees need time off to seek treatment.

Adaptalift Rapidparts offers a wide range of quality after-market seat options available across multiple price points to suit all applications and seated timeframes.

Forklift Suspension Seat GS12 Style – Part No: RP6183
Standard forklift seats like RP6183 GS12 Style are mass market popular as they can be installed across a wide range of forklift models and other machinery such small tractors and ride-on lawn mowers.
Coming in at the cheaper end of the cost scale RP6183 offers some support and ergonomic features, most suited for shorter sitting periods.

basic forklift seat

Seat Features:

  • Mechanical suspension
  • Adjustable slide tracks
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Weight adjustment to 120kg capacity
  • Dimensions (mm): 480 (L) x 480 (W) x 490 (H)

Forklift Seat – Wingback Style Suspension – Part No: RP6184
The next level up from the basic suspension seat is a wing back suspension seat.

Wingback suspension seats, offer superior comfort and ergonomics to basic suspension seats.

Extra support is offered to seated operators via the wings on each side of the employee.

An additional safety feature is the included fitted seatbelt to ensure operators are secure in the event of an accident or rollover.

This type of seat is suited to short and medium sitting periods.

wingback forklift seats offer superior comfort and stability

Seat Features:

  • Mechanical suspension
  • Adjustable slide tracks
  • Operator presence switch
  • Retractable seat belt c/w switch
  • Hip restraint
  • Back rest adjustment
  • Document holder
  • Dust proof mantle
  • Mounting bolt kit
  • Weight adjustment to 130kg apacity
  • Dimensions (mm): 534 (L) x 575 (W) x 600 (H)

Forklift Suspension Seat OEM Quality – Part No: RP6180
Top of the range full/air suspension seats offers operators premium comfort, ergonomics and safety.

The full suspension seat not only offers support and comfort but excellent shock absorption for operations on uneven ground.

These seats are highly recommended for long sitting periods but can also be used for any length of time to offer operators a premium ride.

OEM standard replacement forklift seats offer premium operator support and comfort

Seat Features:

  • OEM approved
  • Mechanical suspension
  • Operator presence switch
  • Retractable seat belt c/w switch
  • Hip restraint
  • Back rest adjustment
  • Weight adjustment to 130kg capacity

To view our full range of forklift seats or to purchase your next seat visit our online store or contact your nearest branches parts department on 13 22 54.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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