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What Is Powered Mobile Racking – Warehouse Racking Guide: Part 5

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What is powered mobile racking?

Powered mobile racking is an electrically powered racking storage bank involving a framed motor base with wheels that move along floor rails with the press of a button or a remote control. Each racking shelf remains compacted until they are required to be accessed and are opened through creating an aisle space in between the two racking blocks. This aisle space is only required between each racking shelf when the racking is being accessed.

Powered Mobile Racking

Powered Mobile Racking vs Selective Racking

When should you use mobile racking?

  • If you have limited space for storage.
  • When required access to a certain racking load is minimal, as they can stay compacted whilst not required.
  • Allows FIFO (First In First Out) racking selection while having extremely high density storage capacity.
  • Ideal for perishable goods; that require cold storage.

Advantages of powered mobile racking:

  • More storage space due to there being fewer aisles which can be moved.
  • Less land space required.
  • Up to 90% of storage space is utilised, maximising storage space for high land cost situations, such as cold or freezer stores.
  • Can have access to all pallets without having to move other pallets first (FIFO).
  • There is no First In Last Out (FILO) limitations.
  • No specialised trucks required.

Disadvantages of powered mobile racking:

  • High capital investment.
  • Limited storage height.
  • Decreases pallet handling times; due to slow movement of racking.
  • Limits aisle access as only one or two aisles can be accessed at the same.

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