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An Interview With Adam Cox, Victorian Major Accounts Manager

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Adaptalift Hyster would like to make a special welcome to Adam Cox who recently joined the Victorian Sales team as our new Victorian Major Accounts Manager. Adam has many years experience in the materials handling industry and knowledge of the comprehensive range of NMHG equipment.

Adam Cox

1. Tell us a bit about your background in the materials handling industry.

I started in materials handling 5½ years ago, as a sales territory representative and I’m very familiar with the Nacco product.

2. What made you join Adaptalift Hyster, in your new role as Major Accounts Manager?

To take my solid grounding in materials handling and apply that to a major accounts role was a great opportunity for me, especially with a company that has the depth and branch coverage that Adaptalift Hyster has, being the largest privately owned materials handling company in Australia.

3. What is the most challenging part of your job?

Looking for a real solution that will benefit the customer. On numerous occasions competitors will simply quote to replace what the site currently has rather than think out of the square to provide a better solution.

4. What makes Hyster Forklifts stand out from the competition?

Retained capacities are a measurable advantage of Hyster forklifts, especially when load centres increase. Pound for pound our retained capacities often mean we can perform the same function with a smaller capacity unit, hence saving our customers on cost.

5. Do you have a favourite model? If so, why?

The recently released H4.00-5.50FT series (4-5.5T) from Europe is well ahead of the competition in transmission capabilities, offering wet brakes in this size of fork truck, cost of ownership and driver comfort.   

6. What is the most important piece of advice you would give someone who is looking into materials handling equipment?

Don’t set up your aisles or racking layout prior to talking to a forklift provider on what you want to achieve, it can avoid a lot of heart ache. Racking layouts should always be based around the type of equipment you need not the other way around. 

7. What innovations and advancements in the industry are you most excited about?

New technologies in fuel cells and motive power are heading in several directions, which one will win out is hard to predict. I think hydrogen power for forklifts should be on the drawing board unlike motor vehicles. Refuelling of forklifts is always conducted on site not where you happen to be when you need to refuel, which to date is a major drawback for hydrogen. 

8. Where do you see the industry 10 years from now?

Battery electric forklifts have been slowly increasing their share. I think in the next 10 years their market share will grow far more rapidly than it has historically. 

9. If you could sum up Hyster in one word, what would it be?


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