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Tyre Maintenance - Preparing for Summer

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As Australia heads closer to the summer months, some states are already experiencing hotter than usual conditions.

With hot weather comes extra maintenance and precautions that need to be taken regarding the tyres of all materials handling units.

This blog has three tips for tyre maintenance over summer.

Proper Inflation and Pressure

Tyres should be checked at least once a day, preferably before operation as the tyre pressure must be measured when the tyre is Cold. It is essential that unit’s tyres are properly inflated and in correct working order.

Owners and operators who fail to check for proper tyre pressure are at risk of a host of dangers including stability and poor traction, which can result in a raised likelihood of accidents occurring.

Checking tyre pressure also prevents potential flat tyres which can lead to rapid heat build-up, rapid wear, premature failure, and undermining performance when undertaking handling operations.

check forklift tyre inflation

Check Tread Levels

It is imperative along with tyre pressure to ensure all tyres have the correct amount of tread.

This will ensure proper traction when operating. Tyres that have insufficient tread are unable to disperse any water that is in the operating path, when this occurs they lose contact with the roadway and units can aquaplane.

Aquaplaning is very dangerous as steering, braking and other necessary drive forces are not transmitted to the tyre.

Aquaplaning is a very serious threat especially in summer where roadways have gone through extreme periods of dry weather and are then thoroughly soaked from summer storm activity.

check forklift tyre tread levels regularly

Prevent Blowouts

A tyre which fails poses major Health and Safety Concerns for the Operator or Pedestrians, along with potential and costly damage to the Forklift and/or Cargo.

Blowouts can occur from a tyre that has sustained damage (i.e. impact); a tyre that is particularly worn down (i.e. showing the tyre canvas); or a Rim failure.

In warmer weather, heat generation and retention in tyres increases, therefore it is recommended to accurately follow the required Tyre, Rim and Wheel Nut checks and maintenance as per the Operators Manual for your Forklift.

prevent forklift tyre blowouts

To ensure your fleet are operating at optimal levels over summer it is imperative tyre pressures are checked on a regular basis.

Always consult your Operators Manual for the method and pressure required for your Forklift.

Safety Reminder: Never remove a tyre from a forklift that is inflated. Only Authorised and Trained technicians and/or Tyre fitters should remove and install wheels.

Talk to Adaptalift regarding all your tyre servicing and replacement needs before we reach summer on 13 22 54 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Published By: Paul Hinz

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