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Top 3 Tips to Maintain an Efficient Forklift Fleet

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When forklifts are not appropriately maintained or utilised efficiently, downtime can increase which means productivity decreases and profits suffer. Ultimately, your bottom line is affected, as costs increase due to maintenance when efficiency could be elevated.

Managing a fleet of forklifts in the materials handling industry is no small expense. By replacing your forklifts at the optimal economic time, productivity and profits can increase within your business.

These are our Top 3 Tips to improve efficiencies and ultimately increase profits.
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1. Communication is key

Communication between management, your technicians & forklift operators is paramount. As they come into contact with your fleet on a daily basis, their opinions and observations will be critical to keeping your fleet running efficiently.

Make sure your technicians keep a detailed log of what has been repaired, how often, and which parts are covered under warranty. This will allow you to assess the affordability of your current setup and what alternatives might benefit your bottom line.

2. Fleet Management Software

Forktrack computer systemFleet management software can help you keep a closer eye on expenses, identify issues and help you make adjustments to significantly cut operating costs. You will be able to see what equipment is being used, and when.

ForkTrack is the most advanced fleet management safety system in the market. The system combines advanced safety features with an unprecedented level of fleet efficiency, offering reduced fleet running costs, instant monitoring and control, real-time web based reporting, and operator accountability and performance.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance and partsCategorising your fleet by age – new, middle and old – will allow you to manage and forecast your expenses. You can estimate how much money you are willing to spend on each category group.

Forklifts will need to be retired / replaced at some point, and by keeping track of your fleet you can avoid costly repairs on equipment that is ready to be removed from the fleet.

All too often companies make the mistake of utilising forklifts for longer than they should. They continue to repair their forklifts rather than replace them.

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