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Sustainability in the Materials Handling Industry

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Within the materials handling industry, the commitment of companies to sustainability practices has been increasing in recent years. Companies are now beginning to see the benefits of incorporating sustainability concepts which save both money and resources. This week’s blog discusses the benefits of implementing sustainable practices in the materials handling industry.

Energy efficiency:

Implementing programs within the workplace to alter behavioural operational changes not only allows for reduction in energy consumption but also can reduce operational costs. A more efficient use of energy can be achieved by redesigning the equipment and/or layout of the operation which also allows for operational efficiencies to be achieved on multiple levels, not only energy consumption. Automating more of a company’s operations can be invested in to not only reduce their environmental footprint but also reduce the amount of space required for the facility to operate.

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Reduced fuel consumption:

Large materials handling operations are now looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption of their equipment, particularly forklifts. In recent years, significant advances in technology has allowed for improvements in not only the efficiency and durability of equipment such as forklifts but has also allowed for greater fuel efficiency. The increased availability of electronic and hybrid forklifts gives companies more options in order to develop and implement sustainability initiatives within the workplace.


Waste management:

Implementing a waste management practice can include internal programs designed to help reduce waste within the workplace as well as product design initiatives to ensure the company’s products can be used by consumers in a sustainable fashion. Recycling efforts in order to reduce waste or effectively manage the waste can cut costs for an organisation and also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace.


In an ever volatile economy, it is important that companies create and engage in sustainability efforts in order to ensure their corporate social responsibility is upheld as well as their profits maximised. Setting attainable goals for your business to reduce waste has never been more important for environmental conservation. Reducing both energy and fuel consumption can reduce business expenses and waste management ensures resources are utilised to their fullest.

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