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Spreader Bars - Added Handling Flexibility and Safety

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For operations handling a variety of goods including large, long or heavy loads, a spreader bar is an ideal lifting aid.

This blog looks at some of the advantages for operations that utilise spreader bars.

Safer product handling, less product damage

Spreader bars are an essential attachment for industries where large, long and heavy items are lifted. With the extra tynes of the spreader bar operators are able to carry loads such as piping, timber and plaster board with a higher level of stability, that can’t be provided via a single set of standard tynes.

The extra support provide safer handling for loads and lessens the potential for items to move or slip off tynes when being moved, thus greatly reducing product damage and loss.

greater load stability forklift spreader bar

Increased site and pedestrian safety

Depending on loads being moved items such as concrete piping can be considerably heavy and have potentially fatal consequences for pedestrians and sites should they fall whilst being moved.

By having the spreader bar available when needed it deters employees from attempting risky unsafe lift attempts.

With large and heavy loads being transports properly using the spreader bar site and pedestrian safety are greatly increased as there is less chance of loads falling from tynes.

forklift spreader bar increases pedestrian safety and reduces product damage

Increased unit flexibility and value

Spreader bars are available in two common variations fixed or temporary. A fixed bar is permanently attached to the unit, whilst a temporary bar can be easily removed when not needed.

Temporary bars are fitted to a forklift by driving the existing tynes inside the fork pockets of the spreader bar and then securing with a safety chain back to the forklift.

Utilising a temporary spreader bar increases the value of the forklift unit as it can now be used for two different purposes moving long and heavy loads with the bar installed, or normal pallets with the bar removed.

forklift spreader bar increase unit flexibility and value

Cost savings

Further to increasing unit flexibility and value to an owner, the unit’s dual ability as outlined above can also provide significant cost savings to a business.

Rather than having to purchase two separate units, one for moving standard palletised goods as well as a specialised unit for moving long or heavy loads. Both tasks can be completed via a correctly rated standard forklift.

This can result in significant financial savings as specialist materials handling units are expensive, whilst you don’t have to pay for extra training and maintenance costs of the two units overall.

Forklift spreader bars reduce capital costs

To discuss how spreader bar attachments can benefit your materials handling operations please contact us on 13 2254 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Published By: Paul Hinz

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