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Specialist Hand Pallet Jacks/Trucks

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Hand pallet jacks/trucks have become essential equipment for any business looking to move palletised goods.

With growing business needs for specialist manual pallet handling equipment, Adaptalift now offers a range of specialist hand pallet jacks/trucks.

This blog will provide a brief overview of our full range of pallet jacks/trucks.

Hand Pallet Jack/Truck (Nylon or Poly Wheel Options)

A standard manual hand pallet jack/truck with a 2.5T lifting capacity that is suitable for moderate material handling tasks.

With two different wheel options these units are suitable to be operated across a wide variety of surfaces.

Poly wheels are made from a lighter material and are best for operating on surfaces made of lightweight materials such as mezzanine floors constructed out of particle/ply board.

They offer superior operation across tiled and vinyl surfaces, whilst also lessening the chance of marks being left.

Nylon wheels are more durable than poly wheels and are best suited to operate in common warehouse applications where loads are transported across concrete or hard floors on a daily basis.

hand pallet jack/truck

Euro Narrow Width Hand Pallet Jack/Truck (Poly Wheel)

CHEP pallets are Standard size in Australia; these can be moved with standard pallet jacks such as those above.

Companies that import goods from overseas particularly Europe where standard pallets are smaller will benefit from using our narrower Euro width pallet jack with a 540mm width compared to the wider 685mm standard pallet jack.

These narrower units come with the same 2.5T lifting capacity and are suitable for moderate material handling tasks.

narrow width hand pallet jack/truck

High Lift Pallet Jack/Truck

With a 1T lifting capacity and the ability to raise 800mm off the ground this pallet jack is ideal for operations where palletised goods need to be transferred from pallets onto low raised shelving.

With the ability to raise pallets up to 800mm off the ground this unit can reduce the potential for injury as staff do not have to bend down as often to pick up goods for transfer.

high lift hand pallet jack/truck

Galvanised Hand Pallet Jack/Truck

With its 2.5T lifting capacity this pallet jack is ideally suited to operations in cold storage and food processing

If a rusty standard unit were to be used in a food processing supply chain there would be a high possibility brittle rust chips or dust could contaminate goods.

Galvanisation is one of the most effective ways to prevent steel from rusting, thus greatly reducing the potential for contamination of foods and goods.

galvanised hand pallet jack/truck

Weight Scale Hand Pallet Jack/Truck

This unit provide accurate load weight readings within ±0.5kg.

With a 2.5T lifting capacity this unit is ideally suited for operations where precise weight recording is essential such as weight restricted loading onto shelves or into containers.

Smart functions include the ability to cumulatively add up different load weights to provide an overall load weight.

An inbuilt printer provides on the spot accurate load printouts for record keeping/submission.

weight scale hand pallet jack/truck

Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Jack/Truck

Economic and reliable this motorised hand pallet jack has a lifting capacity of 1.5T.

The semi-electric nature of the unit reduces handling costs, speeds up movement of pallets whilst decreasing manual work for employees.

semi-electric hand pallet jack/truck

To purchase one of the above mentioned specialty units or for further information visit our online store or contact your nearest branch on 13 22 54.

Published By: Paul Hinz

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