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Serious Safety Fails

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Every workplace has hazards; the important thing is to know how to avoid them.  We have all heard our fair share of safety fails where environmental factors have breached Workplace health and Safety laws, employees have lacked training or simply just trying to shortcut the job at hand; so below are eight astonishing safety fails in hope it will remind us all to take safety seriously. 

Forklift Safety

  1. A forklift driver, who also posted his antics on YouTube, lost his job after filming himself driving his forklift backward with the rear wheels off the ground.  The man performed burnouts and then crashed into a concrete pipe.  He was convicted for breaching workplace safety and ordered to do 50 hours of community work and pay $1200 in costs.
  2. A driver working for a trucking company reacted to another worker spraying water at his truck by challenging him to an arm wrestle through the trucks window.  During the arm wrestle, the driver mistakenly pressed the gas pedal other than the break, hitting the worker and breaking his arm in multiple places. 
  3. Eight staff members of an Irish company lost their jobs after serious health and safety breaches were captured on a mobile phone and published on YouTube.  The footage showed workers jumping into moving forklifts, setting driverless vehicles moving across the warehouse floor, before sprinting after them.  They were also shown somersaulting from stacked crates onto cardboard boxes. 
  4. A warehouse worker was killed after falling from a pallet, which was set on the forks of a forklift.  The man was standing on the raised pallet in order to remove a box from a warehouse rack and fell 4 metres to the ground.
  5. A forklift operator was hospitalised after his forklift plunged through a collapsed sidewalk.  The heavy machine, which should not have been operated on the footpath, cracked the sidewalk, swallowing the truck into the hole. 
  6. An employee was killed during a forklift tip over incident.  He was driving the forklift at or near full speed when he attempted to turn the truck right; the forklift tipped over to the left.  He was not wearing a seat belt and attempted to jump from the forklift.  He landed on his feet but was crushed by the truck as it tipped over.
  7. A forklift driver who was also a health and safety representative was dismissed from his job for driving his forklift in an unsafe manner.  The man was recorded driving a forklift one-handed while carrying a gas bottle against the flow of traffic.  The man argued it was common practice for forklift drivers to carry gas bottles and to drive the wrong way down a pathway as long as they could see it was clear.
  8. A female employee who was walking through the warehouse stopped at a crossroads, believing the driver of an approaching forklift was signalling that it was safe for her to cross.  When she stepped forward, she was hit by a second forklift which was approaching from another direction. There were no physical barriers or walkways separating machinery from pedestrians as they were told to communicate with eye contact and hand signals.

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I think it’s interesting to see how dangerous heavy machinery like this can be. A good point to make is the fact that it’s only dangerous if it’s not taken care of, or not used properly! It makes sense that you would want to always treat them like they are what they are; big machines!

Braden Bills
August 29, 2016 - 11:20 pm

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