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Preparing Your Forklift For Summer

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With summer upon us and all parts of Australia expected to experience high temperatures into next year, this blog post will look at some precautions/preventative measures that can be undertaken to prepare your fleet for summer.

Check and maintain proper engine coolant levels

A major cause of unit downtime over warmer months is engines overheating due to low levels of coolant or incorrect coolant being used. Like most products engine coolant has a recommended shelf life. Make sure you replace engine coolant regularly as necessary. 

In some cases water is used as an emergency coolant; however this can lead to long term engine damage.

Another major problem with using water is that it has a lower boiling point that proper coolant; this can lead to your engine operating at a higher temperature and increasing wear and tear.

check engine coolant

Regularly inspect engine fans

The engine fan is critical in maintaining low engine temperatures as it removes surface heat from the engine bay.

Cracked or damaged fans reduce a fans performance which can lead to increased operating temperature and engine damage.

inspect engine cooling fan

Regularly maintain engine belts

The engine belt is a critical part for maintaining engine temperature. The engine belt creates air movement over the engine whilst completing its main purpose of driving coolant through the engine.

A worn engine belt will reduce the flow of air and also the flow of coolant going to the engine increasing operating temperatures.

Once an engine belt is worn there is a greater chance it will break, this can lead to large amounts of physical damage to the internal workings of a forklift.

Summer Service Specials

With our nationwide network of service technicians Adaptalift Hyster are able to fulfil all servicing and maintenance tasks. We offer complete service solutions for all Hyster forklifts and many other leading brands.

This summer we are offering three ‘Beat the Heat’ summer service specials, including a complete cooling system flush and a 20 point safety inspection whilst also receiving a 10% discount on subsequent labour and parts.

summer service deals

Published By: Paul Hinz

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